Pellet extruding drying machine

  • Pellet extruding drying machine
  • Pellet extruding drying machine,dry fish feed machinery
  • Pellet extruding drying machine

Dry fish feed machinery also called Pellet extruding drying machine or fish feed pellet dryer is used to dry the dish pellets, which can ensure the fish feed pellets quality and benefit the storage of fish feed.

Why do the fish feed production line need the Pellet extruding drying machine?
When the pellets are discharged from the fish feed machine, the pellets temperature can be 90℃ and moisture about 18%. The temperature must be reduced quickly to ambient and moisture to 8%-12% for storage. In the whole fish feed production line, this dryer should be used after extrusion process via floating fish feed extruder. Pellet extruding drying machine is an important process in Auto Complete Feed Production Line.

Features of dry fish feed machinery
1.Simple structure, easy installation and maintenance.
2.Materials will not vibrated or impacted during the drying process, so the pellets will keep intact.
3.The pellets will not be subject to vibration or impact during the drying process, the pellets are not easy to be crumbled.
4.Air quantity, heating temperature, materials staying time and feeding speed can be adjusted to achieve the best drying effect.
5.Suitable for materials which require low drying speed and long drying time. Widely used for drying feed pellet, grains, etc.
6.Simple structure, easy installation and maintenance.
7.Mostly used in requirement of low drying speed and long drying time.
8.Ideal for drying feed pellets, grains,etc. Due to the turn-over drying process, it cannot be used to dry viscous and fragile material.

Working Principle of fish feed pellet dryer
After fish feed pellets are feeded evenly into the dryer, they will be spread on the dryer bottom by the rotatory spreader. The hot air of steam radiator will penetrate material layers and take the moisture away. Then dry pellets are pushed to the discharging hole by the screw pusher. Gas feed pellet dryer is commonly equipped with wet type fish feed machine, because wet fish feed machine need a boiler to provide steam, what you should do is to choose a larger boiler that can continuously send hot steam to feed extruder and pellets dryer.

Shrimp Farming Surface Floating Aerator is necessary part in fish farms, house fish farm just need the pellet machine, you need the auto conplete feed production line if the farms very large or you sale the fish feed pellets.


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