A type poultry crate

  • A type poultry crate
  • A type poultry crate,wire mesh poultry crate
  • A type poultry crate

A type poultry crate is wire mesh poultry crate widely used in the breeding of poultry, such as chickens, ducks, quails, pigeons and so on. And A type poultry crate is applicable to large chicken farms and farmers.

A type poultry crate consists of Nipple drinking system, Medication tanks,Adjustable foot plates for leveling, Water pipe, Pipe connect, Feeder groove.

The advantages of wire mesh poultry crate
1. Frame Steel, with white PVC anchor/holder; Ball valve automatic water system with white PVC water pipe; Zinc Plating steel; Well-sealed down-stream end, with pressure regulator.
2. Technical advantage, not easy to be eroded with Zinc Plating;Good elasticity not deformation; Service life at least 14 years.
3. Reasonable Grid mesh and space to avoid the fatigue of the chicken which extends the egg-laying cycle time; The egg damage rate is zero.
4. White full-length PVC Pipe & black or white U-shaped feeding trough, with strong pressure resist and heat-resistant.
5. Well-equiped water-supply governor; Whole air-tight design, Simple pressure regulating and water filteration. Very easy to operate & control.

About wire mesh poultry crate
It is very strong in durability and can adjust the amount of the feedstuff freely thus the feedstuff and the feeding time are both saved. The feeding machine runs smoothly with a high speed and walking automatically. The feeder is conveyed automatically and working in a fixed time. The amount of the feeder can be adjusted freely. And the spare parts are all accord with the standards of our country. So it plays a good performance with a long time utilizing. Two rows, three rows, four rows, five rows, six rows and seven rows are available for choice, including 3 tiers and 4 tiers cage.

A type poultry crate is made of high-quality steel, galvanized technology, anti-corrosion durability, service life up to 15 years. Equipped with automatic feeding and water drinking system, reduce the labor cost. The survival rate of broiler chickens increased from 90% to 98%, to achieve healthy farming, environmental protection, and technology breeding. Chicken feed pellets is easy to transport feed with the poultry feed pellet machine.


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