Poultry feed pellet machine

  • Poultry feed pellet machine
  • Poultry feed pellet machine,Chicken feed pellet plant
  • Poultry feed pellet machine

Chicken feed pellet plant or animal feed pellet production line is one of Poultry feed pellet machine is widely used for making feedstuff flor all kinds of poultry, like chicken, duck and goose etc.poultry feed pellet mill is used to make animal feed pellets,like chicken feed,pig feed,cattle feed. Before making wood pellet fuel, the main use of a animal feed pellet mill was for the animal feed industry.

The features of Poultry feed pellet machine
1. Capacity: 100-150kg/h, 400-600kg/h, 500kg/h, 1t/h
2. Global sales & services: Technical guidance and overseas installation services
3. Automatic Control, High efficiency and Low Consumption
4. Pellet diameter: from 1.5mm-8mm.
5. suitable for being used at home or industry
6. The feed mill capacity various according to your requirement on the pellets diameter.

Advantages of Chicken feed pellet plant
1.The poultry feed mill has simple structure, wide adaptability, small footprint and low noise.
2.The moisture of pellets for granulating materials is much less, more suitable for storage.
3.Chicken, ducks, fish, mixed powder feed to get higher than economic benefits.
4.Dry-processing, the production of feed pellet hardness and high, the surface is smooth, internal improvement, can improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.
5.Poultry feed pellet mill is simple,easy to operate, high cost performance
6.The electric motor for this animal feed pellet mill could be single phase, or 3 phases.
7.For chicken feed pellet mill with flat die design, we have two kinds of driven engine, one is electric motor, the other is diesel engine.

Production line of Poultry feed pellet machine
1. Raw materials for chicken feed pelletizing
Materials for feed can be soybeans, soybean meal,alfalfa, corn, fish meal, amino acid, fusel meal, additives, whey powder, oil, meat and bone meal, corn, sweet sorghum, etc.

2. Grinding process: Chicken Feed Hammer Mill
Chicken feed hammer mill is suitable to grind raw materials into powder with optimal size for best pelletizing effect.

3. Mixing process: Chicken Feed Mixer
By adopting chicken feed mixer, various ingredients can be blended sufficiently to ensure every bite of finished feed pellets can have balanced nutriments.

4. Pelletizing Process: Ring Die Chicken Feed Pellet Mill
Chicken feed pellet mill is the main equipment of the whole production line. Compared with flat die feed pellet mill, ring die chicken feed pelletizer is more efficient and suitable for high quality chicken feed pellets production in large farms or feed pellets factory. Built-in steam collection conditioner can mix and cook materials fully and uniformly to meet special needs and ensure high quality of final chicken feed pellets.

After this process, you can get finished chicken feed pellets with rich nutrition, good palatability and high digestibility. Chicken feed pellets cooler and packing machine are available for your choice to get top feed pellets making experience. Moreover, to cater for the special requirements of our clients, we can also customize different capacity poultry feed pellets production line.

5.Mixing Process: Feed Mixer
By adopting feed mixer, various ingredients can be blended sufficiently to ensure every bite of finished feed pellets can have balanced nutriments.

6.Pelletizing Process: Ring Die Pellet Mill or Flat Die Pellet Mill
feed pellet mill is the main equipment of the complete feed production line. Compared with flat die feed pellet mill, ring die feed production equipment has bigger capacity.

7.Cooling Process
Cooling and screening process The Pellets from pellet mill may exit at up to 88°C and 17-18% moisture. The temperature of pellets must be quickly reduced to make the moisture level to 10-12% or less for proper storage and handling. Pellets must therefore be cooled and dried. Our pellet cooler machine adopt counter-flow cooling principle, pellet cooled fully and equally. The temperature of the pellets after cooling is not higher than room temperature +3-5 degree.

8.Packing Process
After cooling process,the pellets will be bagged or stored according to your need and requirement.The packing process is effectively handled by our Semi-Auto Packing Machine.the finished feed is weighed by the computer,then pneumatically discharge into the bags.Weighed bags would then travel along a conveyor where machines are available for sewing the tops of the bags in which dry feed may be placed for storage.

How to transport, you must use poultry transport crate


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