Fish feed pellet plant

  • Fish feed pellet plant
  • floating fish feed production line, fish feed processing line
  • Fish feed pellet plant


Floating fish feed production line/plant is suitable for making commercial pellets from corn, maize, grass, grains, protein, molasses and so on, and final pellets with different shapes, unique flavor, rich nutrients and fine texture, are widely used as aquatic and pet feed like goldfish, tropical fish, catfish, shrimps, dog, cat and etc.  Fish feed production line is the best choice for medium and big sized feed mills and breeding farms.  

Floating fish feed production process includes the wet type feed processing with capacity of 1-20t/h and dry type feed processing with capacity of 100-800kg/h.


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Fish feed size range: 1mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm-10mm.



1. International advanced & diced structure, adopt cutter positioning spring and cutting forms, frequency, cut out and dice various different lengths of particles.

2. Innovative, unique design, simple structure, easy disassembly is discharged transvestite, convenient operation.

3. Screw adopts special wear-resisting, high temperature resistant materials after the first conditioning heat molding, wear resistant and long life.

4. With distinctive turbocharged punching, ensure the quality and yield of feed.

5. Reasonable combination of practical spindle bearing, ensure the security and reliability of extrusion machine.

6. The main motor adopts high-quality Y series three-phase motor, ensure the power is strong.

7. Production buoyancy particles floating on the surface of extrusion feed can not keep 12 hours, fish and poultry bubble eat easy digest, artificial to observe the appetite of fish, not: wow, won't cause feed waste water pollution.

8. The high temperature and high pressure effectively kill salmonella typhimurium, escherichia coli, etc, to ensure that the virus harmful to health, the feed protein degeneration absorption and starch pasting, easy to fish and poultry. 


Working principle:

1. Crushing

Crushing coarse powder, such as maize, soy, oats, grass, etc. The fish feed crusher machines are vital in the fish feed produciton line.

2. Mixing

The raw materials such as corn meal, rice meal, soybean meal, fish meal, meat meal, grain meal, additives, etc. are added with a certain proportion of water to mix well and evenly. Welcome to see the fish feed mixer.

3. Pelleting or extrusing:

Extrusion is the process of feeding raw material through screw that causes kneading, grinding, mixing, inner shear force. This time heat has been occurred and cell wall will break away. The factor of heat, moisture, high pressure, time make material cooked.  Starch will change status to gelatin called “Gelatinization”. Mean time the structure of starch, protein, fat will be changed call “Plasticization”. This can form many shapes as require.

4. Conveyor: The feed particles produced are conveyed to the multi-layer drying equipment.

5. Multi-layer oven: oven is divided into electric oven, fuel oven, gas oven and steam oven. The temperature is adjusted by the control cabinet between 0 and 150 degrees. The inner of oven is stainless steel mesh belt, which conveys smoothly and has low failure rate. Feed pellets are circulated through multi-layer S-track, and dried to safe moisture content to increase shelf life.

6. Spraying seasoning line: spraying oil and food attractants on the oil sprayer. There are octagonal cylinder, cylinder, lifting single cylinder and double cylinder seasoning line. Oil and fat are sprayed on the feed surface according to the output and product properties. Meanwhile, meat powder and spices are sprayed evenly. After this process, the burrs and edges on the surface of feed particles can also be removed to make the surface of feed particles smoother.

7. Cooling conveyor: reduce the surface temperature of dried feed particles, promote oil solidification, reduce particle temperature, easy to package.

8. Packing machine: Manual sealing machine and automatic packing machine can be used.


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