Feed materials crusher machine

  • Feed materials crusher machine
  • Feed materials crusher machine,small grinding machine
  • Feed materials crusher machine

for the choice of fish feed crusher machine. this Feed materials crusher machine is used to crush and grind like rice,wheat,corn,beans,dry sweet potato, and other massive plants and fiber feeds. it is very helpful for farmer's.

Fish feed grinding machine is a special equipment to break large materials into fine powder.  Raw materials in feed crusher are crushed into suitable particle sizes for feed mixer procession. Final size of materials can be controlled by inserting a screen with different sized holes. With competitive price, simple structure and high efficiency, animal feed crushing machine is mainly employed in the farm, middle sized feeding factory or for family use(such as fish feed pellet production line). is main machine in fish feed production line
Feed materials crusher machine Working principle
1. The raw material enters into crushing chamber through feed hopper and is held there until it is reduced to the size of the openings in the screen , and there are flailing hammers spinning very fast and close to a perforated screen.
2. Under the drive of airflow, the broken material is moving along the rotor outer-edge and has a continuous collision and friction against the hammer, toothed plate and sieve, then the broken material is crushed. Once the particle size below the diameter of the screen holes, feed powder will pass through the screen.
3. The feed particle discharge to the fan, and products are blown through the cyclone and delivered into storage bags under the suction force of working fan.
4. can used with fish feed packaging machine, single sale the feed raw materials.
small grinding machine technical parameters
Model Motor(kw) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm) Capacity(kg/h)
LM-160 3kw 25 350*700*500 50-100
LM-200 3kw 35 400*550*550 100-150
LM-280 4kw 45 550*550*400 150-250
LM-300 4kw 50 550*580*400 200-300
LM-300 5.5kw 65 850*550*1050 300-500
LM-320 7.5kw 110 950*650*1050 500-1000
LM-360 11kw 125 1050*750*1150 1000-2000
LM-400 18.5kw 155 1250*750*1200 1500-3000
LM-450 22kw 195 1350*850*1350 2000-5000

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