Animal salt block making machine

  • Animal salt block making machine
  • Animal salt block making machine,salt block press machine
  • Animal salt block making machine

Animal salt block making machine to produce licking salt block with scientific formula of minerals, vitamins and other trace elements, nutrients for cattle, sheep ect. And animal farms usually include animal feed pellet production line and this machine.

With the development of aquaculture, licking salt block has become the necessary high-performance additives in the most intensive farms, enjoy "health food" of cattle and sheep in the world.

Main component for salt block press machine
Mainframe: composed of main hydraulic cylinder, material pushing hydraulic cylinder, bottom plate hydraulic cylinder,matching mould frame and mould, pressure head and so on.
Hydraulic pressure station: Composed of motor, hydraulic pump, pump protection device,control valve, pipe system that used to connect block machine
Control box:Composed of electrical system and plc control system.

Features of Animal salt block making machine
1) Simple&strong structure ,easy to operate and maintain.
2) Adopting national certified steel and imported electrical and other keyparts.
3) It can make different kinds of blocks by changing moulds(hollow/solid/pavers/curbstone).
4) Low investment,high efficiency and high profit.
5) Block mould adopt heat treatment technology.
6) Japanese MITSUBISHI PLC/German SIEMENS is optional.
7) Adjustable working table allows welding from small size to big size of work piece
8) Low noise and no pollution.
9) Capable of partial heating process.
10) Able to deal with complex, profiled, or tiny letters.

Animal salt block making machine,salt block press machine uses advanced mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic control, with automatic feeding device, floating pressure, so that the density of molded products has been effectively controlled, hydraulic system uses advanced cartridge valve blocks, hydraulic machine to ensure continuous and frequent stability working; Mechanical stopper positioning and stepless adjustment mechanism of Loading, molding, demolding three-position to determine the stability, adjustable of the product’s geometry size. With oil fluid cooling device. PLC and man-machine interface centralized control, while equipped with a mechanical limit device to ensure product consistency.


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