H type battery layer chicken cage

  • H type battery layer chicken cage
  • H type battery layer chicken cage,Chicken layer cage
  • H type battery layer chicken cage

H type battery layer chicken cage is Chicken layer cage refer to the galvanized metallic or wire cages used in rearing ca large number of chicken cages within a very small area. And the equipment used in the poultry farm layer house. Large scale poultry farms need animal feed pellet production line.

H type battery layer chicken cage Feature
1.H Type Layer Chicken Cage is very popular in close house for large scale poultry farm all over the world.
2.High raising density,which can reduce land cost.
3.Highly automatic system,It's easy to operate and maintain the equipment.
4.3,4,5,6,7,8 Tiers
5. Q235 hot dipped galvanized anti-corrosion
6.Fully automatic,energy cost saved
7.Full System Including Cage Body,Cage Frame,Feeders,automatic drinking system,on-rail hopper feeding system,manure removal stystem,egg collection system,Ventilation System etc

H type battery layer chicken cage parts include installation tool, cage mesh and frame, medication tanks, piple and nipple drinker, feeding trough and fixed fittings.

Benefits of H type battery layer chicken cage
(1)The land coverage of the high density rasing system is 70% less than that of ladder cage equipment.
(2)The centralization of management can save energy scources and materials.
(3)The system save your investment.The raising density can reach 62birds/m2.
(4)The manure belt removal system can keep friendly environment.
(5)Save energy and increase efficiency and egg feed rate.
(6)Advanced technology, lower the egg damaged rate, energy and cost saving, increase efficiency.
(7)Adopting advanced automatic controlling system to achive feeding,egg collecting,manure removal,ventilation and lighting complete set of equipment to be automatic.

H type battery layer chicken cage is designed in lower cost with durable and soild structure for long lifetime. Animal feed mill plant is also suitable for the chicken farms used with the layer.


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