Fish feed packaging machine

  • Fish feed packaging machine
  • Fish feed packaging machine,pellet packing machine
  • Fish feed packaging machine

Fish feed packaging machine or pellet packing machine is often used to complete all or part of the process of products’ packaging. And the machine is main parts of auto Complete Feed Production Line.

The packaging process include filling, wrapping, sealing and other major processes like cleaning, stacking . The packaging process also includes the measurement and conveying packages. Electronic packing machine is suitable for quantitative packaging of granules in food, grain, sugar, animal feeds etc. Especially as the last step in whole fish feed production plant, fish feed packaging machine makes it easier and more convenient to weigh and store finished feed pellets.

Features of Pellet Packing Machine
♦ Reasonable structure and attractive appearance
♦ Stable performance and high measuring accuracy, easy to install, operate and maintain
♦ Equipped with digital display screen, built-in PLC control system to realize automatic packing
♦ Adopt the imported sensor and pneumatic implementation mechanism which makes the work reliable, the maintenance easy. Double feeding way: pneumatic valve feeding and belt feeding
♦ Adopt automatic clamping device for weighing and infinite frequency conversion technology
♦ Adopt import stainless steel for a high hygiene standards, corrosion resistance, and a long service life
♦ The computer interface adopts electronic screen or LCD touch-sensitive screen for customer’s demand
♦ Wide application: pellet packing machine is the versatile machine. It can weigh and pack pellets in pellet plant, sugar processing industry and many other industries. The quantitative packaging of powder in food, flour, fodder, chemical industry etc. is also available.

The advantages of Fish Feed Packaging Machine
◆ Completely digital working
◆ Pneumatic controlling
◆ Easy operation and stable performance
◆ Precise running by Sensor and Meter
◆ Automatic falling correction
◆ Easy control(one-touch-type)
◆ Sealed by sewing machine

Fish feed packaging machine also used for animal food pellet or fish food. And the pellet packing machine is last parts, the Feed Materials Crusher Machine is first parts to produce the maize/corn/wheat/bean feed materials.


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