Plastic chicken feeder

  • Plastic chicken feeder
  • Plastic chicken feeder,Automatic poultry feeder
  • Plastic chicken feeder

Plastic chicken feeder or Automatic poultry feeder is the automatic feeding system, the feeding machine distributes the feedstuff evenly with lower noise and saving the energy, which include feed-maker,auger conveyor,trolley feeder and trough.

Animal Feed Pellet Production Line is our hot products in South Africa and Southeast Asia.

Poultry farm automatic chicken feeder advantages
1. Working efficiency, 50 m hen house needs about 8 minutes,labor saving and time saving.
2. Walking stability,not rugged.
3. Strong and durable,good design is durable; Hot galvanized steel frame welded,ensure the overall strength of the feeding machine.
4. Security environmental protection: the original pure polypropylene raw materials made from environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless must not contain toxic substances
Tower design: the barrel body and chassis can be separately set together, transportation convenient and safe, light green

The benefits of farmers shengle chicken feed trough:
1, columns to gather the food, the chicken down when turn to prevent feed the wasteful.
2, built-in handle, convenient to carry, can hang up.
3, internal space is big enough to accommodate 10 kilograms of feed
4, chassis 3 card slots are more stable, not easy to fall off
5.The automatic poultry auger feeder is solid and reliable through the application of high quality materials and components.
It's 100% Polypropylene Made,Very Firm and durable ,long using life.The pan is extremely resistant to the different types of high pressure and force impact.
6. Whirl ring can prevent chickens from scratch the feed out. So it can save feed.
Adjustable ring can adjust feed volume to ensure that the feed is fresh and adjust the speed of feed delivery .
7.All functions and very low maintain cost,easy to assemble and unload and wash,high degree of automation,save your time.

Poultry Pan Feeder is made of the clinker super toughness, Reliable quality, good toughness and resistance to fall off, compressive strength, anti-aging, resistance to fall off, the characteristics of compressive resistance, durable. 

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