Poultry transport crate

  • Poultry transport crate
  • Poultry transport crate,plastic poultry transport crate
  • Poultry transport crate

Plastic poultry transport crate is designed in rectangular grid structure,shaped pore bottom in meters,bearing performance, and can effectively avoid the live chicken, rabbit scrapes, bruises. How to make animal feed pellets, Animal Feed Pellet Production Line can tell you.

Application of plastic poultry transport crate
1) A cage can load more than 50kg and can fit about 10-12 of live chicken.
2) It could stack 9-12 layers during transport.

Features of plastic poultry transport crate
1. The cage has an enlarged Push-pull opening in the top for convenient insertion and with draw of poultry into and from the cage.
2.Thicken middle supporter and thicken corner compression resistance
3.First bottom and second top march together, no sliding,safty transportation
4. Poultry cage is made of super quality plastic
5.With Anti-UV additive
6.Professional design with hand hole,easy to buckle,energy saving carry.
7.Transferable design easy for wash
8.Kinds of color is available

Advantages of plastic poultry transport crate
1.Easy to clean, long time lifespan, recoverable
2.No change under high temperature,
3.good ventilation and good heat radiation.
4.Application for all poultry
5.Up to 12 pieces vertically when transportation
6.High strength, corrosion resistance;
7.Maintenance free and safer than wooden;
8.Can print your LOGO as your requried;
9.Plastic with 100% HDPE material;
10.Cleanable, Non-poisonous plastic for the Most Stringent Sanitay Demands;
11.Recyclable, durable and washable.

Plastic poultry transport crate is light (easy to move), strong resistance to impact abrasion, acid and alkali, easy to clean disinfection, durable, ventilation, good air permeability. Plastic Chicken Feeder is very convenient to use.


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