Fish pond feeding machine

  • Fish pond feeding machine
  • Fish pond feeding machine,pond fish feed machine
  • Fish pond feeding machine

Fish pond feeding machine also known as pond fish feed machine, which has the high efficiency swing jet aerator, less power consumption, large and extensive aeration quantity, quick feeding, short growth period, high aquatic products’ productivity, all these bring farmers remarkable economic benefit. the pellets is produced by auto complete feed production line.

The features of Fish pond feeding machine
1. Less power consumption (power rate:1.1kw/h and 1.5kw/h), which is half of the conventional automatic aerator according to aeration quantity and pond area.
2.With large and extensive aeration quantity, it is twice of the conventional ones. It can avoid fish aggregation and prevent affecting feeding.
3. Large water flow, lots of spray, enough bottom oxygen and wave would enrich dissolved oxygen into pond quickly.
4. Aerator is safe and durable, which is made of stainless steel with overload protection motor. It could shutdown automatically once low voltage.
5. Long service life, keep continuous working up to 6 months, easy maintenance and low repair rate.

The technical data of pond fish feed machine

Model Power Aerobic capacity weight Suitable area
LIMA-1.5 1.5>KW 2.25kg(O2)/H 45KG 2666-5333m2
LIMA-2.2 2.2KW ≥3.5kg(O2)/H 53KG 4000-6666m2
LIMA-3.0 3KW ≥4.55kg(O2)/H 80KG 5333-8000m2

Pond fish feeders include automatic pond fish feeders and pond fish block food for weekend feeding. Fish feed mixer is producing good feed formula from raw material. This easy to make and inexpensive homemade (diy) automatic fish food feeder was designed to automatically feed my pond fish but it would work just as well in an indoor aquarium.


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